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Safety check for the category B driver's license in Norway - The vehicle registration certificate

This is the safety check questions concerning the vehicle registration certificate.

The vehicle registration certificate is in Norwegian, which can be challenging if you do not know the language. Hopefully you can find some similarities that can help you remember what the different words mean.

We are going to use this vehicle registration certificate as an example.

Here is a translation of the vehicle registration certificate that concerns weights.
1. What is the technical authorized maximum towable mass of the trailer this car can pull?

Look in the Vehicle Registration Certificate (both braked and unbraked)

See point 8 - “Vekter” (weights) in the picture above.
The maximum permitted trailer weight with brake is 1300 kg
Maximum permissible trailer weight without brake is 687 kg

2. What are the consequences of exceeding the limits (previous question)?
Reduced front wheel traction, the vehicle’s directional stability reduces, total stopping distance increases and increased risk of blending other motorists because the headlights are elevated.

3. What is the drawback of overloading the vehicle?
Reduced drivability, the total stopping distance increases and increased risk of glaring other motorists if the headlights are elevated.

4. What is the maximum towable mass of the trailer this car can pull, if the driver has a category B licence?

Check the Vehicle Registration Certificate.
There are several criteria.

  • You can always pull a trailer with a total weight of 750kg
  • Sometimes you can pull a trailer heavier than 750kg. According to this registration certificate, you can tow a trailer of 1300kg, if the trailer has a brake.
  • With a category B driver's license, you can never tow a trailer that is heavier than the net weight of the car, which in this case is 1375kg. (Then it requires that you have a driver's license category BE.)
  • Trailer + car must not exceed 3500kg

5. What could the consequences be if you drive with a trailer with a total weight that is too high?
It is illegal. You get reduced traction on the road, your driving might get uneven, the braking distance becomes longer, as well as risking blinding other drivers because the front might get lifted because of the weight behind.
Vehicle registration certificate
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