- Kör is a driving school where the teachers become good friends with the students!

We've gotten to know Baran Bilgic, a student who recently passed his driving test at Kör. Baran is an actor and has appeared in the NRK series "18". We asked Baran some questions about himself and his experience choosing Kör as his driving school.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm 18 years old! I attend Skedsmo Upper Secondary School, studying to become a plumber, VG2. I do acting part-time and love football!

What motivated you to choose Kör Driving School for your driver's education?

I had heard very good things about Kör! And when I checked their Instagram, it looked like a friendly, cozy, and above all, a great school!

What did you like best about the training at Kör Driving School?

What I liked best was that I learned new things from each driving lesson, and if I made mistakes, I learned to correct them! I also liked safety course at the practice track! It was a lot of fun, both with the teachers and the driving itself.

Which part of the training did you find most challenging, and how did Kör Driving School help you through this challenge?

I found the long-distance driving a bit challenging because I had to drive in downtown Oslo! Another challenging thing was to be patient in traffic. Kör helped me with various tips and driving techniques that made it easier for me!

Any advice you would give to new students considering getting their license at Kör Driving School?

Don't stress and enjoy yourselves! You won't regret it at Kör!

Would you recommend Kör Driving School to others?

Yes! Kör is a driving school where the teachers become good friends with the students and a driving school where you can easily thrive and learn a lot!


We congratulate Baran on finally completing his training and getting his license! Do you want get your license with us? Book your first lesson here.